Pfister / Punkt / Oliveras

En guete, Smakelijk, Bon Appetit, Schmecken lassen!
Why not treat yourself with fine food? Because punkt3 tastes just marvelous! Means the music is a real culinary delight. A fine balance between sweetness and sourness. Everybody should enjoy punkt3. Every day. Because that’s what we stand for: Jazz for dealing with everyday life – Now entering level two. Leaving (cracker barrel) philosophy for the most important thing: Cuisine.

And we serve oven–fresh each day. Our daily routine is to combine only the finest ingredients for You: a fairly large amount of strong melodies, a whole bunch of quarter-tones, a tea spoon of fresh odd meter, also a finger twist of blue notes and then sous-vide everything for quite a while. We serve this three course menu with Saxophone, Bass and Drums. Organic and maybe also frugan. A real treat, laevorotary and probiotic.

This hot pot consisting of Tobias Pfister, Noah Punkt and Ramón Oliveras is light and well digestible. Dip in and grab a bite of the most wonderful and delicate mélange in the history of Jazz!
punkt3 – Relentless, inscrutable, yummy.

Tobias Pfister – Saxophone

Noah Punkt – Double Bass, Composition

Ramón Oliveras – Drums, Percussion


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Pfister / Punkt / Oliveras


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